Nutritional Therapy for Pain Relief

By Dr Mel Sydney Smith


Inflammation is caused & maintained by release of vaso-active amines, prostaglandi & leukotrienes. It is augmented by release of intra-cellular kinins & free radicals. Release & synthesis of these inflammatory mediators can be significantly inhibited with substantial reduction in Pain and swelling & minimal risk of side-effects.

Anti-oxidants: Vit E, Cysteine et Vit C (mineral ascorbates) Quercetin & bioflavinoids . Curcumin & Ginger Bromelain & proteolytic enzyme Omega-3-Fatty Acids

Pain Perception: Nerve cell sensitivity and neurotransmitter balance profoundly affect pain perception & the level of organismic distress caused by pain, especially chronic pain. Both neuronal sensitivity & neurotransmitter balance can be modulated by specific supplements of nutrients, minerals and herbal extracts, with minimal side-effects.

Neuronal Sensitivity: Calcium & Magnesium omega-3-fatty acids Evening primrose oil Vit Bl, B3 & B6 Vit C & Vit E Valerian & Passiflora

Pain Threshold: A lowered pain threshold is often'found in chronic pain sufferers, with associated Obsessessiveness and secondary depression. This syndrome reflects a neurotransmitter imbalance related to chronic adrenal stress & fatigue and nutrient depletion. A relative endorphin depletion is often also present & response to acupuncture is blunted & delayed OR over-reactive due to extreme nervous system sensitivity and pain response.
Vit B6. zinc & magnesium Vit C, Vit E, B3 & B5 L-tryptophan & L-glutamine DL-phenylalanine or L-tyrosine


CONNECTIVE TISSUE: Composed of collagen fibrils embedded in a proteoglycan matrix & surrounding a network of cellular tissue - fibroblasts, muscle OR cartilage cells, vascular cells. Synthesis rate depends on adequate supply of amino acids, minerals & vitamins & can also be increased by acupuncture (Laser).

Scar tissue strength depends on these nutrients & surrounding E-M field.

Lysine, Proline, Cystine, Glycine. Vit C, B6 & B5. Zinc., silicon, copper. @-keto-glutarate. Glucuronic acid, xylose

Calcium. magnesium,, manganese, Silicon, boron, zinc, sulphur.


Acute: Inflavinoid: 2-4 tab every 2-3 hours Contains Vit C,, bioflavinoids, turmeric & ginger extract.

Oxygenics: 1-2 tab tds, : empty stomach Contains quercetin & bromelain with anti-oxidants, cysteine & minerals. Azeopangen: 1-2 tab tds : empty stomach Contains proteolytic enzymes taken before meals aids in digestion. Glycogenics: 1-2 tab tds with meals Contains B-complex & Vit C to support the CNS & general metabolism, These products serve to reduce inflammation and oedema by inhibition of release and synthesis of inflammatory mediators.

Chronic: More complex problem., often immune system activation and muscle spasm: Endorphin depletion & EFA imbalance usually present together with nutrient depletion & neurotransmitter imbalance Food allergy & sensitivity usually present also with impaired digestion and major alteration in bowel flora. The aim is to raise endorphin levels, relieve muscle spasm,, stabilise the nervous system & reduce inflammatory mechanisms. DLPA : 2-3 tab tds with meals Contains D-phenylalanine to inhibit enkephalinase & raise endorphin levels. Myoplex : 2-3 tab tds with meals Contains minerals & herbs to sedate nerve tissue & promote relaxation, Glycogenics: 1-2 tab tds with meals Contains B-complex & Vit C to support .nervous system & adrenal function. EHA-DHA Complex: 2-3 cap tds with meals Contains n-3-FAs to rebalance EFA metabolism & reduce pro-inflammatory Prostaglandins & leukotrienes.
Neuromuscular Pain: Myoplex: 2-3 tab tds Passiflora., valerian with calcium & magnesium. Promotes relaxation of muscles & CNS sedation. Glycogenics: 1-2 tab tds. Vit B Co & Vit C to support adrenal function & nervous system. Inflavinoid: 2-3 tab every 2-4 hrs. Combination of anti-inflammatory nutrients & herbs, Particularly useful combined with Myoplex. DLPA: 2-3 tab tds. Raises endorphin level in brain and induces pain relief & nervous system relaxation. Useful together with L-tryptophan & Vit B6.


Metacinamide:1-2 tab tds. High dose Vit B3 induces substantial relief of joint pain & stiffness with improved joint function. Effect is augmented by additional Vit B5, Vit C and bioflavinoids. Collagenics:1-2 tab tds. Containing essential nutrients for the synthesis of collagen, stimulates the repair of connective tissues. Calcitite High Strength: 1-2 tab tds, Microcrystalline bone matrix contains minerals & proteoglycans essential for repair of bone & cartilage. Studies confirm stimulant effect on repair of these tissues.

Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Oxygenics: 1-2 tab tds. High strength anti-oxidant supplement with anti-inflammatory agents and minerals. Coenzyme Q10: 1-2 cap tds. Coenzyme Q10 with mitochondrial cofactors supports mitochondrial function & inhibits oxidative damage to intra & extra cellular membrane structures. Endura: I serve 3-6 times a day. A hydrolysed starch formula with added magnesium & malic acid to enhance energy production, prevent catabolism & promotes muscle fibre relaxation.

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